Leigha Dennis

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Open Door

A classic drawing game transforms a vernacular door into a platform for playful interactions in the home, while also subverting the door’s traditional role into a more nuanced syntax of private/public, open/closed. Traditionally, a door in a domestic environment constructs zones of privacy, negotiating the threshold between activities, rooms, and users. By converting a door into a perforated game board, it gains the ability to more overtly foster interactivity between people, and at the same time allows the door to have varying degrees of openness.

Connect the Dots is a simple drawing game that involves collectively building lines and claiming territory. Its results are open-ended, and the final arrangements are different every time. As the game is played, the perforations in the door are gradually filled in, slowly transitioning into a traditional closed door. However, the game can end at any time, leaving the door in a variety of states between fully open and fully closed.

Designed with Joseph Vidich